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The's complete video and audio libraries have been taken down.  

We apologize for any inconvenience but we simply cannot keep up with the demand for video and audio downloads without increasing our bandwidth, which is something we cannot do at this time.  We will however, provide some files as "Videos of the Month" and "Audio files of the Month" and switch them every month.  Please view our catalog of video and audio files to the right and if there is any that you would like to see as next month's "file of the month" please send us an email.  Please visit our home page for these monthly downloads as well as instructions on how to donate to keep this site running.

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David Lee Roth - US Festival
Entertainment Tonight 1982
David Lee Roth - 1982
DLR on David Letterman - 1985
Eddie and Valerie on Entertainment Tonight 1982
Japanese Interview

Live Videos
Dance the Night Away
Hang Em High
Hear About it Later
Hot for Teacher - 1984 UK
Ice Cream Man
Mean Street - European TV Show
On Fire
So This is Love? - 1981 Oakland
Unchained - 1981 Oakland
Bottoms Up! -1979
Eddie solo from Mean Street - Buenos Aires 1983

Music Videos
Hot for Teacher
Pretty Woman

Movie clips with a VH reference
Back to the Future
Better off Dead
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Fast Times at Ridgemont Hight
Little Nicky
Mission to Mars
Night Shift
Power Puff Girls
Private Parts
Ready to Rumble
Wedding Singer

Other Videos
MTV's Lost Weekend
Dinner at the Van Halen's Saturday Night Live skit
Eddie on David Letterman
Eddie appearance on Cafe
Pretty Woman in Concert
You Really Got Me video
Dr Roth presented by the DLRArmy (segment on Dave's dad)
And the Cradle will Rock
8-year old guitarist playing Eruption
Nissan commercial featuring You Really Got Me
Frank Sinatra video appearance by Dave and Eddie
Van Halen mixology
Air guitar competition entry
Various David Lee Roth segments
1996 MTV award show appearance
MTV 20 years of Rock segment
David Lee Roth's appearance on the Sapranos


gutter rule




Van Halen covering other bands
Firehouse - KISS
La Grange - ZZ Top
Rock and Roll All Night - KISS

Other bands covering Van Halen
Dream Theater - Mean Street
Pearl Jam - Running with the Devil
Third Eye Blind - Aint Talkin about Love
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Aint Talkin about Love
Randy Rhoads - Eruption
Ween - Hot for Teacher
Mary Lou Lord - Acoustic Jump
Atomic Punks - Bullethead (unrelease VH song)
Atomic Punks - On Fire

Aint Talkin Bout Love
Dane the Night Away
Hot for Teacher
Jamies Cryin
You Really Got Me

Alex drum solo
Eddie solo 1976
Bottoms Up! - London '78
Romeo Delight - London '80
Somebody Get me a Doctor - 1977

Gene Simmons Demo
Little Guitars - A Tribute to Van Halen from various artists
Unreleased Songs
Women and Children First outakes
Adam Sandler - Hanukkah Song
VH mention on Cheers
Donut City - Eddie Van Halen
Beat It solo
Nerfherder - Van Halen song
Howard Stern - Crackhead Bob sings Van Halen

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